Updating brass lamps

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One of my favorite new clients and her husband just bought a large 1970’s home with TONS of potential.The architecture and floorplan of the home is amazing, but because it was built in the 1970s, there are a few quirky things we are going to have to work on.So don’t despair if your home is filled with gold doorknobs and antique brass chandeliers.You can update the whole look by changing out a few of your dated light fixtures with those in a winter gold finish. All of the hardware in the home – door knobs, hinges, light switches – are currently brass.

The finish you see in the photo is an iron one – winter gold is a blend of gold and silver (some call it champagne), and it will work beautifully with the existing hardware in her home.My original plan was to simply buy a couple of similar new ceiling mount fixtures in a brushed bronze finish to match the hardware on the bedroom doors.But when I stopped by the Home Depot to see what the choices were in my price range, I was not impressed.Spending a pop for roughly the same fixture just did not appeal to me. As I stood in the lighting section trying to figure out what to do, fate stepped in when a man walked by with a can of spray paint. And then it occurred to me I could probably save myself some serious dough if I just spray painted the brass fixtures instead of buying new ones.

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