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There are as many answers to this as there are contestants.Some do it by being their own bosses to begin with."Real World" roommates are paid small stipends for their "story rights"; the exact total isn't disclosed, but executive producer Jonathan Murray told USA TODAY, "I used to say it was enough to buy a used car.Now it's probably not quite as big a used car." One thing's clear, though: You should want to be on a reality series for the experience, because participation in a series definitely does not come with a guarantee of fame and fortune.Nine seasons aired; repeats aired on Outdoor Life Network.Many hope Mark Burnett will bring it back, and last year, he suggested it would return in 2005.(Who can forget Cory from the San Francisco cast applying for a department-store job, or Sharon in London klutzing her way through a busy brunch in her new waitress role?) Now the cast is assigned a group job (do not get me started on how much I hate that), and if they can manage to show up on time (unlikely), they may even get paid a bonus.

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Are they well-paid for their participation, do they generally take a leave of absence, or what?

—Most series do require contestants to be gone for a significant period of time.

To keep the results of the series secret, even the first person voted off will stay away for the length of the series (they usually are sent to a resort or on a vacation, as we discussed before).

This wasn’t for wannabe actors: it was a seriously grueling trek, and injuries were common.

After the Fiji race, which featured, among others, Hayden “Darth Vader” Christensen, Ethan “Survivor Africa” Zohn, and Tim “Road Rules” Beggy, this adventure-race series came to an end.

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