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, Portrait Painter, Has removed to the House of Mr.

Samuel Deall, in Broad-street, opposite to Beaver-street, His first Sett of Pictures are now finished: and as this is the most proper Season for Painting, he desires Gentlemen and Ladies that incline to any Thing done in his way, to be speedy in their application.—The New-York Gazette and the Weekly Post-Boy, August 21, 1758.

History, Portraiture, landskip, sign painting, lettering, gilding, and stewing smalt. Those ladies or gentlemen who may be pleased to employ him, may depend on care and dispatch.—The New-York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury, May 8, 1769. Painting upon Glass (commonly call'd burning upon Glass) is performed in a neat and curious Manner so as never to change its Colour; Perspective Views neatly colour'd for the Camera Obscura. By the same Person, Land survey'd designs for Buildings, Plans and Maps neatly drawn. John Ditcher's, Tallow-Chandler and Soap-Boiler in the Sloat. Any Persons may have their Coats of Arms, or Names, to paste on the Inside of the Covers of Books; Shop Bills, with proper Figures and Designs, or any other engraving work, neatly executed by Adems, Schoolmaster and Engraver, on Golden Hill.—The New-York Gazette or the Weekly Post-Boy, June 23, 1763 (Supplement).

The New-York Gazette or the Weekly Post-Boy, July 9, 1753. , writing master, Has lately open'd school in Queen-street, near the Fly, at half a guinea per month.

, Junior, Takes this Opportunity to inform those Ladies and Gentlemen that have proposed to favour him with their commands, that he intends for the West-Indies in the Spring; it is therefore necessary that they apply speedily; He expresses his Acknowledgement to those that have employed him hitherto. They shew us a proper Expression of the Passions excited by every Event, and have an Effect, the very same in Kind, (but stronger) than a fine historical Description of the same Passage would have upon a judicious Reader.

He continues to paint Portraits at his Room in the New Dutch-Church-street, near Col. His name over the Door.—The New-York Mercury, January 18, 1768. Men who have distinguished themselves for the good of their Country and Mankind, may be set before our Eyes as Examples, and to give us their silent Lessons, and besides, every judicious Friend and Visitant shares with us in the Advantage and Improvement, and increases its Value to ourselves. The New-York Gazette or the Weekly Post-Boy, April 11, 1768. Du Simitiere, Miniature Painter, Intending shortly to leave this City, and it being uncertain whether he will return again, if any Gentlemen or Ladies should incline to employ him, he is to be found at his lodgings, in the House of Mrs.

He engraves and does all sorts of chasing Work, at the most reasonable Rates.

Bogart's, near the New Printing-Office in Beaver-Street.—The New-York Gazette and the Weekly Post-Boy, May 13, 1754. Bogart's next Door to the late Domini Boel's near the New-Printing-Office in Beaver-Street.—The New-York Gazette or the Weekly Post-Boy, September 30, 1754. Intends during the Winter Season, to instruct Gentlemen in the Art of drawing Landskips, Faces, Flowers, &c. Ladies and gentlemen that have not as yet seen many of his performances, may now have an opportunity of viewing sundry pieces together, which he has drawn to the entire satisfaction of the persons for whom they were designed.

, Limner, from London, who lately advertised in this paper; hereby acquaints all Gentlemen and Ladies, that are mindful to see some of his Performances. on very reasonable Terms, and at such Hours as will be most suitable to those Gentlemen. He may be applied to at his lodgings, at the house of Mr. He draws also in miniature.—The New-York Mercury, September 26, 1757.

Dirck Schuyler's, at his Fathers.—The New-York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury, January 7, 1771.

Ferrara, in Maiden Lane.—The New-York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury, July 31, 1769.

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