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Sarah Leah Whitson, the Middle East and North Africa director for Human Rights Watch said at the time: “After years of false promises to end its absurd restrictions on women, Saudi authorities are still arresting them for getting behind the wheel.

The first picture has emerged of the Vietnamese pilot who died in a mid-air crash while on a training exercise.

Two in each of the aircraft involved.'All the families have now been informed and are being supported by officers in the family liaison arena.

Three of the families have visited the site today with our support so they can understand a little bit more about what's happened to their loved ones.'We remain on site today so that we work with the air accident branch and a number of other experts from the fire service and the military with a view to using their expert services to recover the men's bodies, hopefully before the end of the day.'Mr Green was a senior instructor with Helicopter Services, based at the airfield.

Most instructors have been trained by him.' Mr Croucher said claims on a pilot forum by an air traffic controller who said he saw the aircraft disappear on radar suggested the two had collided accidentally.

He said the claims were that the helicopter had been flying a straight path and the aircraft was descending, and the pilot would have been unable to see due to 'blind spots' below and behind, although he added it was 'conjecture'.

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