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The serum acts as an intense moisturizer that penetrates deep into the skin and not only smooths and restores elasticity, but also visibly lightens the skin by reducing patchiness and discolouration.

Thanks to the composition of carefully matched active ingredients the skin is intensely moisturized leaving it translucent and rejuvenated.

This cream contains good for the skin ingredients such as a peptide, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin K, squalene, green tea & many others. The cream comes in a plastic tube with a screwtop & lasted for 8 months.

I bought it for on iherb during a sale (it usually cosrs ).

I only have a little puffiness and that has decreased as well.

I applied the serum straight after my skin roller treatment as pores are open for about an hour and no reaction to serum.

skin next day looked very healthy, even though it is only 5ml I reckon I could get about 5 treatments out of this as it has a little rubber lid which meant I could store the rest for next use.

It does not contain alcohol or any paraphens which can cause reactions and I am please with this and will use the whole range of these over time.

Unscented, lightweight cream which sinks right into my skin & moisturizes.

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