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Once you've determined your target and vision, meet with your senior pastor to make sure it lines up with the church's overall vision. Find people to serve in leadership roles whose vision lines up with vision for the ministry. There's so much work to be done that one person trying to do it all will become frustrated and exhausted (trust me, I've been there time and time again). The leadership in our ministry is responsible for calling each member between our meetings.

Decide what you want your group's primary focus to be.

Or just gather at someone's house to play cards and eat!

We have Singles Mingles, quarterly parties where we hire a DJ, dance, play games, and eat. Then, think about how you're going to get the singles involved in building the kingdom. Will you do missions work or volunteer in your community?

Choose leaders according to biblical principles: leaders with good character, who fear God, are mature, and truly look at the time spent on the group as a ministry and an honor.

Once you have them, keep them in the Word and protect them from getting over-extended. Some groups even have a policy of limiting the number of years anyone can be in leadership to avoid burnout.3) Watch for "sharks." One or two people can affect the entire fabric of the group—either positively or negatively.

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